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Puppies are from Champion Bloodlines, IPO1/IPO2 titles throughout Pedigree, ED 0/0 HD 0/0 100% 26 MONTH Health Guarantee! Excellent working Drive, Sport ability, and temperament have been managed thoroughly with this line. Imported Parents directly, and the lineage will be managed. Puppies will range from $2000-$3000 based on the Pup.

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Our Courses

Train Your Dog Correctly and Get The Out Comes You Want To See.

Handlers course

This course is designed to develop a relationship to bring you and your dog together as a team. You learn handling techniques, introduction to dog psychology, producing a handler/dog team that can communicate and work effectively and efficiently. This course includes: Search and Rescue (SAR), Human Remains Detection (HRD), Agility Course, etc… This course is six weeks.

Service Dog Training

This course includes:
-These are the tasks done
-Counterbalance/ stability
-Standing/sitting assist
-Deep pressure therapy
-Article Revival
-Seizure alert

Puppy/Basic obedience

One hour session per week for four weeks. This is one-on-one training, no groups. Total devotion to you and your dog, teaching them to obey for praise NOT food. If a pup is trained with food as a reward, you will notice over time if food isn’t provided, they may stop responding to commands. Praise and toys are more than enough to get your dog responding to you on the first command delivery.

Board and Train

This course includes: Boarding costs and basic obedience with completion occurring at the 7 day period. Your dog will work one on one with the trainer everyday allowing maximum results in minimal time.

Behavior Modification

Dog aggression, Human aggression, and all undesired behavior will be addressed and corrected through compulsion corrections and socialization.

Tracker Course

This course is designed to teach your dog to conduct a passive track, and provide you with an understanding of the Scent Cone and how to work your dog. This course will be conducted throughout wooded trails with numerous distractions to produce top results. Includes your long line.


Tune up training

*All courses offered, the commands can be taught in English, German, or Czech.*

3 tiered personal protection

Each can take up to 12 weeks depending upon your dog’s drive and work ability.

Personal Protection Tier I

Will consist of foundation development resulting in a Dog that will Guard on command, and take an aggressive approach to anyone approaching you that hasn’t been “cleared” by you. (additional details available via email or phone) ***Free evaluation of your dog is provided to determine work-ability prior to commitment***

Personal Protection Tier II

Dogs will work long lines, search for the bad guy and out before making the attack. They will learn not to chase the helper unless you command him to do so. You will work on Tier I exercises with added techniques to make your dog even stronger in protection. They will remain social to outsiders and work only when necessary. This is business for your dog and not personal. They turn on and off like a switch.

*Tier I completion required for this course*

Personal Protection Tier III

Training techniques are centered on home invasion protection. Dog will attack intruders in your home and stay in your home to protect you and your family. This is a course developed for the home owner who wants the added security only a well-bred and well trained dog can provide. We will come to your home and stage a break in for you and test the dogs reaction to an intruder. Your dog will remain safe with visitors and family while still protecting you when needed.

*Tier I & II completion required for this course*

*Basic Obedience required for this course or a demonstration that it exists from a third party*

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